Thoughtful and introspective yet warm and inviting, Mountain Boy elegantly contrasts poetic lyrics with beautifully simple music, resulting in songs that provoke pause and posture; ready and willing to be heard by any who listen.

'Project Sinai' was a songwriting project undertaken by New Zealand based songwriter and producer Aaron Clarke, in which he wrote and produced 52 songs in 52 weeks.

“Up until now this has been such an insular process. I’ve spent a lot of time revising and refining and finding my feet; it’s really exciting to finally be able to share this with people in a meaningful way. I’ve taken a few songs from the project and put them together as an EP to represent the story of Sinai and to be a starting place for everything that comes from now. I hope you listen to it and love it as much as I do and I hope you get to see and feel something of the story so far.” Mountain Boy August 2018. 

Recorded at Neil Finn's iconic ‘Roundhead Studios’ and produced by award winning producer Nic Manders, Mountain Boy will release the debut single ’52’ on the 7th September 2018.