We are open for submissions from Illustrators worldwide. If you would like to work with us, please contact us via email with a link to your portfolio. 



Artist Spotlight: Angela Keoghan

Angela is an award winning illustrator based in New Zealand. Pencils, paints, textures and print making are just some of the media Angela uses to create her whimsical illustrations. She spends many hours drawing in her sketchbooks inspired by travel, nature, old photographs and vintage children’s books. She regularly takes part in both group and solo exhibitions and her interest lies in the areas of publishing, editorial and advertising fields of illustration. 

For more information about Angela please visit www.thepicturegarden.co.nz



Artist Spotlight: Loryn Engelsman


Loryn is a creative person based in New Zealand specialising in Illustration and Visual Communication. Fine art, printmaking and handmade typography are all influences that can be seen directly in her work. Her subjects are inspired by postmodern culture, urban living, expressive faces, traditional comic and children's narrative illustrations. Her work can be seen in many different areas such as advertising, editorial, publishing, mural art and fine art. 

For more information about Loryn please visit  http://www.lorynengelsman.com