Mountain Boy - From the Dust EP

The much-anticipated EP ‘From the Dust’ is the follow up offering from artist Mountain Boy after his debut track ‘52’ hit New Zealand charts in October.

‘From the Dust' has been curated from his year long journey crafting 52 songs in 52 weeks.

"This EP feels truly special...for every song on the record, there are 12 others that didn’t make the cut. It sometimes seems like overkill that it took 52 songs to make an EP, but they all played a part”, says Clarke.

The new lead single ‘Brothers’, paired with 52, From the Dust and Golden were all recorded at Roundhead studios by award winning producer Nic Manders.

When speaking about Brothers, Clarke sheds a different light on his song writing journey. "Brothers feels different from the other songs because of how direct it is, both in the lyric and its intention.

“At its core, it’s about holding up the ones we love and sharing their burdens, even if that means giving up your ease and comfort”.

‘Brothers', a crowd favourite and catchy anthem funded by NZ on Air, will be supported by a stunning music video directed by Harvey Hayes.

Tonight, the EP comes to life with a launch party to celebrate at the exclusive ’S’ @ Spark Arena. Limited tickets are available to public at

Jayden Keoghan